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Using Sekonic Meters to Balance Flash and Ambient II – Digital Photography 1 on 1 with Mark Wallace

August 16, 2008

Mark Wallace of SnapFactory made a GREAT video about balancing ambient and flash with the Sekonic L-758DR – very instructional, very detailed. Learn and enjoy. Thanks, Mark! Be sure to browse his blog – it’s chock full of video goodness. He runs a knockout workshop series, too.

Also can be viewed on, makers of the (awesome) LightSource podcast, and Vimeo

Lighting and Posing Seminar with Hanson Fong and John Woodward

July 29, 2008

Sekonic is proudly sponsoring the “Beauty and the Beast” seminar tour with portrait and lighting superstars Hanson Fong and John Woodward. At only $59.95, we think this is a real deal for an all-day seminar. Plus, you get to see Sekonic in action 😉 We like that, too. 

First date on this 6-city tour is Secaucus, NJ on August 18. We hear seats are selling out fast, so sign up quickly!

Program highlights include:
Lighting Ratio Demonstrations
Metering Techniques
The Art of Posing Family Groups
The Wheel of Self-Assessment
Compositional Study Guide
Facial Analysis
Portrait, Glamour and Modified
Glamour Lighting Forms
Digital and The Power of Raw
Color Management and its Importance
10 Basic Poses
Flow Posing