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Yung-Jing Hsu: Products and People

January 27, 2010

Clean lines. Well-lit products. Effective use of depth of field. Rich, but not overblown saturation. These are some of the initial impressions taken from the work of Yung-Jing Hsu. In 1995, Yung-Jing Hsu graduated from Tamkang University in Tam-Sui with a degree in Mass Communications. In his second and third years there, he studied commercial photography and photojournalism. He currently lives and shoots in Taipei, Taiwan.

©Yung-Jing Hsu

When asked about his product photography, Hsu says it’s more difficult than when he takes portraits. “I have to use all my concentration when taking pictures of products because they never ‘talk’ to me,” he says. “I can communicate with models, but you can’t do that with products.” Eager to make products look as good as they possibly can, he sees the challenge of shooting inanimate objects which are straightforward photographic assignments, yet have an absence of rapport with this particular shooter.

©Yung-Jing Hsu

As a full-time professional photographer, Hsu’s main clients are newspapers and magazines. Previously, he shot exclusively for the Taiwanese newspaper Apple Daily.

Often working in a deliberate methodology, Hsu typically composes and arranges the elements of his photographs before shooting. There is not much shooting from the hip at a Hsu photoshoot. His main camera body is a Canon EOS 5D Mark II. His post work sometimes includes color correction or saturation enhancement in Photoshop.

©Yung-Jing Hsu

“I’m using a Sekonic L-758DR meter right now,” says Hsu. “It’s the most powerful and convenient tool for light measurement.” When asked how the L-758DR helps his photography, Hsu says, “the multifunctional control of measurement helps me in all situations. The sensitivity and correct readings let me control the light perfectly. The large display panel gives me all the info I need, and it’s really easy to read.”

©Yung-Jing Hsu

“I use Broncolor when taking pictures in studio,” Hsu continues, “and Comet for a backup system. I use different lighting control equipment for different subjects. In product photography, I prefer lightform panels with standard reflectors. Sometimes I add a honeycomb. In beauty photography, I prefer a beauty dish with a lightform panel or softbox. In fashion or portrait photography, lighting depends on what the editors want, or which atmosphere is suitable. Sometimes it’s just bare florescent tubes.”

©Yung-Jing Hsu

“I use a sync-cord to connect with lighting gear and L-758DR. The incident-light measurement for exposure value and every independent lighting control. Using reflective light (spot-meter) measurement for lighting condition inside the scene. Eventually, I will buy a PocketWizard for wireless flash triggering to improve my work efficiency.”

In the short term, Hsu is looking to take on some projects that will expand his ability to handle different subject matter. In the long term, he hopes to “combine photojournalism and commercial photography in order to have my own photography style,” he says.

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Written by Ron Egatz

Send Us your Story! Rene Gaston

May 27, 2009

We’re pleased to announce Sekonic’s “Send Us Your Story” feature here at the blog. Do you have a good story about Sekonic? We’d love to feature it!

Our first submission is from photographer and cinematographer Rene Gaston (, who sent us these glowing accolades (blush):

My  most  dearest & trustworthy SEKONIC:

My introduction to SEKONIC came via a[n] 8mm SEKONIC camera which used 16mm Film in an enclosure that allowed to be  turned and exposed (2) two 8mm strips on 16mm Film… Wonderful machine with exposure meter and a Beautiful Zoom!!!

Many, many years later… I moved to Cancun, Mexico. By then I had established myself as a respected Cinematographer & Commercial Still Photographer… Humidity in Cancun wrecked my Digilite F; service & repair facilities were non-existent at that time… With a BIG job in my hands (both for film & still photography) I was in deep trouble with no functioning meter at hand… So, very carefully and with a little WD-40 I  manged to clean and restore a FULL & ACCURATE life to my trustworthy Digilite…  I still OWN IT!! and use IT!! Along with an older 79 (Very Very GOOD & ACCURATE)  After all these years (Well, over 20) ALL my SEKONIC [METERS] (newer & older) are my most treasured Instruments. Ahhh!?! as for the camera? I regret to say… it was long lost many years ago in a dreadful “garage sale” 

Dearest friends at SEKONIC. Just a last note to PRAISE Sekonic´s technology, accuracy, ease of use & design that have made your name present in the hands of  the most prestigious directors of photography WORLDWIDE!!! 

Very, very best regards, 


Rene – thank you. We’re feeling a bit humble right now.