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Strobist member Arthur Del Rosario on the Sekonic L-358

March 11, 2008

I’ve been meaning to buy a decent lightmeter since going strobist. I want to remove the guesswork in finding the correct exposure in my portrait shots (programming the settings on the camera and flash to sync well is tricky, being new to this part of photography and knowing squat about it). Searching on the internet, the use of lightmeter among other strobists is a mix of yes and no answers – others recommend its use while others are not so supportive about it. It took me three weeks of thinking and evaluating before I finally decided getting one. My clincher? I see myself upgrading from strobist to having a full continuous light setup in the future, where having a lightmeter is essential (if I remember correctly). And even if I don’t, results (pictures) above suggests that going manual mode and using a lightmeter to provide you with settings to input in your camera will give you better results.    

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