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35 Years and Counting

November 16, 2009

Thirty-five years ago a young Ron Plasencia walked into Click Camera in Springfield, Ohio and bought a Sekonic L-28c light meter. A serious hobbyist and lover of photography, Ron has been shooting with his Sekonic ever since.

Cades Cove Morning

©Ron Plasencia

Things have changed in the past thirty-five years. East Tennessee has been his home for twenty years, and he currently resides near the Smoky Mountain National Park, where much of his nature photography is captured. Ron has also ventured into high school portraiture and team sports photography. Even his old favorite camera retailer has changed, with Click Camera becoming part of the Dodd Camera family. Through it all, one thing has remained the same: Ron’s Sekonic L-28c. “This instrument has been the most consistently reliable photographic accessory I’ve owned,” he states. “I use it to calibrate the in-camera exposure meters of all the other cameras I’ve ever owned.”

Berry Red

©Ron Plasencia

Currently shooting film with his 1979 Mamiya M645 J and digitally with an Olympus E-3, Ron still relies on his Sekonic meter. “When I shoot the E-3, I use the L-28c to measure the light for all my scenic and landscape work, and to tweak all other critical exposures. The Sekonic is always consistent.”

Spruce Flats HC

©Ron Plasencia

“I’ve shot at Smoky Mountain when there were twenty other photographers lined up. I was using my Sekonic and some young guy asked what I was doing,” Ron laughs. “I ended up giving a lesson right there on what light meters are, how they work, and how they can help serious photographers.”


©Ron Plasencia

Although Ron’s L-28c is still going strong, he’s not stuck in the past. “My next Sekonic will be the L-358 to assist me with studio lighting.” Recently retired from his job as a teacher for at-risk children, there’s no slowing him down. “I plan on doing serious portrait work,” he says.

Spruce Flat Falls II

©Ron Plasencia

Along with his portrait work, Ron will continue his nature and sports photography. He’s also partnering with several other photographers to begin local photography seminars, and will have links posted on his sites to classes he’ll be offering. No stranger to teaching photography, Ron has been holding classes at a local art center for the past five years.


©Ron Plasencia

Although the original leather case of his L-28c has recently been retired like Ron himself, the meter shows no signs of stopping, and neither does Ron. “Thank you, Sekonic, for a super product,” he says.

Ron’s Nature Photography:
Ron’s Portraiture and Sports Photography: One Man, One Camera

Written by Ron Egatz

Send Us your Story! Rene Gaston

May 27, 2009

We’re pleased to announce Sekonic’s “Send Us Your Story” feature here at the blog. Do you have a good story about Sekonic? We’d love to feature it!

Our first submission is from photographer and cinematographer Rene Gaston (, who sent us these glowing accolades (blush):

My  most  dearest & trustworthy SEKONIC:

My introduction to SEKONIC came via a[n] 8mm SEKONIC camera which used 16mm Film in an enclosure that allowed to be  turned and exposed (2) two 8mm strips on 16mm Film… Wonderful machine with exposure meter and a Beautiful Zoom!!!

Many, many years later… I moved to Cancun, Mexico. By then I had established myself as a respected Cinematographer & Commercial Still Photographer… Humidity in Cancun wrecked my Digilite F; service & repair facilities were non-existent at that time… With a BIG job in my hands (both for film & still photography) I was in deep trouble with no functioning meter at hand… So, very carefully and with a little WD-40 I  manged to clean and restore a FULL & ACCURATE life to my trustworthy Digilite…  I still OWN IT!! and use IT!! Along with an older 79 (Very Very GOOD & ACCURATE)  After all these years (Well, over 20) ALL my SEKONIC [METERS] (newer & older) are my most treasured Instruments. Ahhh!?! as for the camera? I regret to say… it was long lost many years ago in a dreadful “garage sale” 

Dearest friends at SEKONIC. Just a last note to PRAISE Sekonic´s technology, accuracy, ease of use & design that have made your name present in the hands of  the most prestigious directors of photography WORLDWIDE!!! 

Very, very best regards, 


Rene – thank you. We’re feeling a bit humble right now.