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Sekonic Video ProFiles: Steve Sint

October 1, 2010

We’re delighted to introduce two things here on the Sekonic Blog. First off, a feature on our Web site called, “Video ProFiles.” Secondly, our first feature photographer in this series is Steve Sint, master Wedding Photographer.

Shooting these videos with Steve was a great experience. His professionalism, personal connection to his clients, technical chops and no-nonsense approach to the business of wedding photography is the clearly the result of his many years as a working pro. He knows his stuff, and we’re so glad he took time to share it with us, and you! Without further adieu, here are the two videos!


Gary Land Video: Sekonic ProSpeak

June 11, 2009

We’re very fortunate to get Gary Land on the telephone to interview him on how and why he uses Sekonic light meters. Check out this video by a modern master who hails out of Boston, MA.