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Details? No sweat – listen to this! (podcast)

December 31, 2008

Bill Crawford and Ed Hidden of interviewed Phil Bradon, Product Marketing Manager for Sekonic on their popular and informative podcast LightSource. Skip to about halfway through the podcast to learn more about:

History of Sekonic
Balancing ambient and artificial light
Using meters to create lighting ratios
How to use the lumisphere
Why you need a flash meter
Why your camera’s meter does not work for strobes
Sekonic L308 entry level flash meter
Sekonic L358 flash meter
Sekonic L758 features
Advantages of spot meters
Sekonic Digital Transfer Software
Why you need a light meter in the digital age
Calibrating your Sekonic light meter
When you use the lumisphere
Sekonic Blog and educational content
Color meters from Sekonic
Accurate balancing color with a meter

Listen and download here or subscribe in iTunes.

Using Sekonic Meters to Balance Flash and Ambient II – Digital Photography 1 on 1 with Mark Wallace

August 16, 2008

Mark Wallace of SnapFactory made a GREAT video about balancing ambient and flash with the Sekonic L-758DR – very instructional, very detailed. Learn and enjoy. Thanks, Mark! Be sure to browse his blog – it’s chock full of video goodness. He runs a knockout workshop series, too.

Also can be viewed on, makers of the (awesome) LightSource podcast, and Vimeo