Free Friday Photo School Seminar 8/20/10

August 16, 2010

Sekonic and FridayPhotoSchool are proud to present this FREE learning opportunity for you THIS FRIDAY!

The first in a series of educational video seminar series!

Will Crockett from has created some great content on how to dial in a correct exposure for one of the age-old problems photographers face. Too dark or too light? Crockett solves the problem, and has created some free online video seminars showing you the answers. Why not get it right in camera, instead of trying to doctor your photos on your computer for hours afterwards?

Crockett is hosting a free seminar. Focusing on turning off some of the automated systems in your camera, and exploring manual exposure controls, Crockett aims to empower shooters by mastering their cameras, instead of the other way around. Be sure to check out his 80-minute free seminar this Friday. Set a calendar reminder!

Too Dark? Too Light? Just Right!
With Will Crockett
FRIDAY AUGUST 20 around lunchtime at 1pm ET. 12n CT. 11am MT. 10am PT on

See you there! Note: the presentation is free, but registration for is required to watch the seminar.

One Response to “Free Friday Photo School Seminar 8/20/10”

  1. Sekonic Blogger Says:

    To everyone who attended, those could could not log in because they maxxed out, or those of you who could not attend during the day, check it out – you can download the free video seminar:


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