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Mark Voce on Spot Metering

July 26, 2010

Mark Voce of West Yorkshire, England, has posted a great tutorial on spot metering. Found on his Landscape Photography Blog, Voce explains how to accurately establish what the correct exposure is on any given landscape situation which presents itself to shooters.

Screen shot of Mark Voce's blog,

With his five year-old Sekonic L-558 and Hasselblad lenses synched to half-stop increments, Voce runs through some very helpful basics on starting with the darkest and brightest parts of a scene, which enables him to get the proper exposure range. He then narrows down to the ideal exposure. This is a great place to understand the essentials of landscape metering. We look forward to hearing more from this talented shooter and discussing his fine landscape work. Don’t miss the beautiful and informative content he regularly posts to his blog.

Sekonic on flickr

July 23, 2010

If you’re interested in seeing what other shooters are doing with Sekonic meters, check out some of the results posted at the Sekonic Light Meter group on flickr. Comprised of a friendly group of photographers, their discussion page is full of posts where questions are answered, tips are shared, and all things Sekonic are explored.

A wide range of photography is represented by the members. With currently almost 1600 images posted, use this important resource for inspiration as to what you can accomplish with your Sekonic meter. You can browse the images without being a member, which is free and easy to do should you choose to. The individuals on the discussion page are friendly, helpful, and encouraging. Join the party and watch your photography and metering skills ramp up!

White Backgrounds For Commercial Photography

July 21, 2010

Of all places, we’ve found this brief yet interesting article on how to meter for seamless white backgrounds on the recycling blog Beautiful Rubbish. If any subjects are wearing or holding anything white, this is a great place to pick up a few tips on how to do it right, particularly before your wardrobe stylist winds up weeping.

In five simple-to-follow paragraphs, this article explains how to avoid panic when facing a big white cyc. Just a sample of this on-the-money article:

A good photographer should be able to picture any color of clothing with any background or light conditions. If you book a photo shoot and your photographer tells you not to wear white because it is hard to snap I recommend you look for a new cameraman. All that statement shows is a dearth of knowledge about photography lighting.

Bravo, Beautiful Rubbish!