Just Say Yes

September 15, 2009

Light meters. You remember them. Right?

Just say yes. Because every photographer worth his or her salt uses a meter. Even those who don’t admit it. See http://light-test.com if you don’t believe us.

© Charles Silverman

© Charles Silverman

The reasons are many, but they’re simple. Mostly, using a meter gives you a higher degree of accuracy (hence the ability to make judgments) than relying on the camera’s built-in system. See http://www.sekonic.com/classroom/classroom.asp for more of our admittedly self-serving propaganda, er, educational materials.

But, a-ha! There are lots of folks out there — and we mean lots — who will not only agree but spend a great deal of time and effort celebrating it. And light-test.com is one of them. A visit will soon have you both smiling and nodding. Hmmm. Yup. They’re using a meter all right.

’Nuff said?

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