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Send Us your Story! Rene Gaston

May 27, 2009

We’re pleased to announce Sekonic’s “Send Us Your Story” feature here at the blog. Do you have a good story about Sekonic? We’d love to feature it!

Our first submission is from photographer and cinematographer Rene Gaston (, who sent us these glowing accolades (blush):

My  most  dearest & trustworthy SEKONIC:

My introduction to SEKONIC came via a[n] 8mm SEKONIC camera which used 16mm Film in an enclosure that allowed to be  turned and exposed (2) two 8mm strips on 16mm Film… Wonderful machine with exposure meter and a Beautiful Zoom!!!

Many, many years later… I moved to Cancun, Mexico. By then I had established myself as a respected Cinematographer & Commercial Still Photographer… Humidity in Cancun wrecked my Digilite F; service & repair facilities were non-existent at that time… With a BIG job in my hands (both for film & still photography) I was in deep trouble with no functioning meter at hand… So, very carefully and with a little WD-40 I  manged to clean and restore a FULL & ACCURATE life to my trustworthy Digilite…  I still OWN IT!! and use IT!! Along with an older 79 (Very Very GOOD & ACCURATE)  After all these years (Well, over 20) ALL my SEKONIC [METERS] (newer & older) are my most treasured Instruments. Ahhh!?! as for the camera? I regret to say… it was long lost many years ago in a dreadful “garage sale” 

Dearest friends at SEKONIC. Just a last note to PRAISE Sekonic´s technology, accuracy, ease of use & design that have made your name present in the hands of  the most prestigious directors of photography WORLDWIDE!!! 

Very, very best regards, 


Rene – thank you. We’re feeling a bit humble right now.