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Lighting and Posing Seminar with Hanson Fong and John Woodward

July 29, 2008

Sekonic is proudly sponsoring the “Beauty and the Beast” seminar tour with portrait and lighting superstars Hanson Fong and John Woodward. At only $59.95, we think this is a real deal for an all-day seminar. Plus, you get to see Sekonic in action 😉 We like that, too. 

First date on this 6-city tour is Secaucus, NJ on August 18. We hear seats are selling out fast, so sign up quickly!

Program highlights include:
Lighting Ratio Demonstrations
Metering Techniques
The Art of Posing Family Groups
The Wheel of Self-Assessment
Compositional Study Guide
Facial Analysis
Portrait, Glamour and Modified
Glamour Lighting Forms
Digital and The Power of Raw
Color Management and its Importance
10 Basic Poses
Flow Posing

Videos: Sekonic C-500 and C-500R Color Meters

July 23, 2008

We’ve got two new videos about the Sekonic C-500 and C-500R Color Meters!

Features and Benefits

How to use the color meter

If you’re wondering, the difference between to C-500 and C-500R is simply that the R version has a PocketWizard-compatible transmitter built in.

Video: Sekonic Data Transfer Software for L-758DR and L-758 Cine

July 11, 2008

What is dynamic range and why should you care? Well, if you want the best possible image quality, it all starts with accurate exposure, especially with digital capture. You could be accidentally throwing away highlight and shadow information by relying on your camera’s histogram. Profiling your camera and lens combinations gives you the best possible opportunity to make educated decisions about exposure. One of the benefits of this is less time spent manipulating your images in post, and more time shooting. Sounds good, right?

Our video on the Sekonic Data Transfer Software explains what it does when used with the Sekonic L-758DR light meter (or L-758 Cine) and the Sekonic Exposure Target and how to use it. The Target also doubles as a gray/white balance card!


Sekonic Data Transfer Software

Sekonic Data Transfer Software

Sekonic DTS Software Video from Inside Digital Photo TV (via

July 2, 2008

See Phil Bradon explain the new Sekonic DTS Software, how to profile your digital camera and lens for total exposure accuracy, and the L-758DR light meter featured on

Link to video